Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Card Ornaments

This Christmas we received some beautiful cards from my family and friends. I loved them so much that I wanted to try to incorporate them into my decor. Ive seen several people make books out of their cards, or reuse them as gift boxes, but I wanted to showcase them some how. After searching on the internet and in magazines I came across some great tutorials on how to make Christmas cards into ornaments. I know it may appear I am obsessed with ornaments this year, but it really is intentional. Last Christmas I recieved a faux tree with lights, but I had no ornaments. It's been my goal to fill my tree with beautiful things.

To my family and friends:
Thank you for the beautiful cards.
I hope you don't mind me using them in this way.  


This tutorial came straight from my Better Homes and Garden magainze (Dec. 2012). Please use the above link to access their tutorial and template. I did have one adaptation because I used Christiams cards. If you use a single color cardstock than their tutorial will work just fine.

Here is my adaptation:

Below you will see the templates I cut out. BHG's tutorial has you cut out strips and use the half-leaf you see just right of the card to make the poinsettia leafs. I found this nice, but it limited me to what sections of the card to use. Instead I made a whole leaf template and positioned it wherever I wanted. So much nicer and I felt I could be a little more creative.

When it came to attaching the hook I had to be a little creative because I had to use what I had on hand, stapler and pipecleaner. I staples the hook to the circle and then hot glued it to the back of the poinsettia. It secured perfectly. I am sorry the picture is a bit blurry or bright. I have to say there are prettier ways of securing a hook, but this was all I had time to do.

Cardstock Ornament

I found each of these ornaments very easy to make. The cardstock ornament was the easiest as it didn't require any clueing. I started off this project by cutting the front of the card from the back. Keep the back for future projects. Cardstock ins't cheap. Then I used my ruler to mark off 1 inch sections and cut them using my cutter. (see picture below).

You will need to cut one 4", two 5", and leave two uncut. Before I did this I layed my 1" strips on my cutting board (Yes, It's from Pampered Chef, but you get three in a pack and I needed a cutting board so I designated this one to crafting). Once layed out I decided what piece would be cut to what length (see picture below). This is the crative part and what makes no ornament exactly the same. I love that part.

Assembling the ornament:
7" - picture facing left
5" - picture facing left
4" - picture facing left
5" - picture facing right
7" - picture facing right

Hold the top very tightly and staple the strips together. A normal stapler will work with Christmas cards. Turn the pile over to the other end and staple the ends together like the top. You will notice the ornament will start to take shape once you bring the ends together. If you find the pieces bending just smooth out with your finger.

Finished product

For a tie, you can use whatever you want. I like to use green pipeclearner. It bends and cuts so nicely. Just wrap around one of the ends and secure together.

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