Saturday, January 19, 2013

Refurbished Bulletin Board

One of the things that I love to buy whenever I am in a thrift store or flea market are bulletin boards. Buying these items new is pricey and what I've found is the bulletin boards in thrift stores are always in great condition. So snag as many as you can. They're perfect in any room for any purpose. The uses are really endless.

Today I will be sharing with you how to turn a boring bulletin board into a fabulous design. My bulletin board is going up in my kitchen to put up reminders and special pictures.

  1. Cork Board/Bulletin Board
  2. Fabric of choice
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Acrylic Paint
  5. paint brush
  6. paint tray (optional)
  7. Painters tape
  8. painters cloth or surface protector (I choose a garbage bag)

Begin by taping off the edges where you don't want paint to get on to the board. I choose the back because I will be gluing the fabric to the front. Any messes will be okay.

Next take your paint and pour paint into your tray. I find it way too messy pouring paint onto the wood or onto the brush.

With your paint brush dab a good amount of paint and begin painting into the crevices.

Then smooth out any extra paint on the board till each side is covered. Lift the board with your hand and paint the sides. Once completely covered let dry for 1 hour.

If you should choose to add another coat of paint go easy on the amount of paint you use. The less you use the more rustic and un-finished it will look. I lightly add a second coat just to show off my brush strokes.

When you paint is dry and antiqued the next step is decorating the board with fabric. The fabric I choose was durable yet thin enough that when I flipped the fabric over I could see the chevron stripes through the back. I've found this to be extremely important and actually a necessity. I like my stripes to be straight and this is the only way I've found to do that. With the fabric flipped on the reverse align the area you would like to see on the board.

Next using a ruler measure the stripes to make sure they will be straight across. The way I did this was by measuring from the top of the 90 degree angle on the stripe to the board. I did this across the longest part of the board. As you can see in my picture my fabric was not cut straight at the store so on my board isn't not straight, but the angles all line up. When aligned poke a hole through the fabric at the corners of the board. If you need to flip the fabric over to see how it will line up.

Flip to the reverse and draw a cutting line for corner to corner. Then cut your fabric. Always measure twice and cut once. No turning back.

When you have your piece cut out I used Spray Adhesive to glue the fabric to the board. Use a generous amount and spray into around the sides of the board and then into the center. Work quickly because the glue dries fast. If it does dry just touch up in the spots you need.

Then you're finished.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Please leave me a comment if you want more ideas like this or if you tried this and you liked it.

Take care!

<3 Farm Girls

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