Monday, December 24, 2012

My baby is growing up so fast

This time last year my baby girl was just learning to pull herself up and walk with assistance. A month later and she was walking on her own.

Now a year later and she's running, jumping, and climbing all over the place. My how she's grown. The skill she is working so hard on now is talking. She has maybe 5 recognizable words...mommy, dad, good bye, nope/no, yep, shoe, mine....okay that's more like 7. There are some potty words I am leaving out (we only use those words in the potty/house) so that rounds it up to 9. I guess that's pretty good. I don't know what's on target for her age, but if history repeats itself than she should be talking more in a month. Here's hoping anyway.

<3 Sarah and Emily

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