Saturday, December 8, 2012

Power Pancakes

I get in ruts where I am perfectly happy eating the same thing over and over. Case in point, pancakes. I love pancakes and whipping up a batch in the morning is easy. Maybe too easy which is why I decided to mix things up and created Power Pancakes.

What are Power Pancakes? Power Pancakes are made up of ingredients that give you brain power and physical endurance to start the day. They include blueberries, oatmeal, and flaxseeds. Before you get turned off by the word "flaxseed" just know that it's a super food, good for the brain, but you can't taste it. Double win! So don't write it off until you've given that little seed a try. You can find flaxseed in most grocery stores. I live in a country town and my Dillions sells it in the baking section with the flour and sugar. I recommend the ground kind because whole flaxseeds are like eating a sunflower seed. Not the texture I'm looking for in a pancake.

So here's my simple recipe. It yields 5 medium pancakes.
Power Pancakes
1/2 cup Pancake Mix
1 Tbls flaxseed
3 Tbls oatmeal
Mix dry ingredients and add water to desired consistency. I use the pancake mix where water is all you need (so easy). Add blueberries and mix to coat. Add to warm griddle and enjoy.
Super, super easy and oh so yummy. Everyone will love them and good chance they won't know they're good for them.

<3 Sarah

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