Monday, March 11, 2013

Refurbished Chair

If you got a chance to read my sneak peek about a few projects I am working on you probably saw a comment about how the chair came to be. husband informed me that the chair is actually his. Not left here by the previous owners like I thought. The chair is slightly broken so I assumed that's why it was left behind. Come to find out my mother-in-law gave it to him when he first moved away from home. Right before we got married we bought the house we are currently living in and some how that chair slipped past my radar when we moved in. Oops. The funny thing about this whole project is I had it sanded down and painted before he told me this story. Good thing he wasn't interested in using it any more. Next time I will ask before diving into a new project.

At Christmas time my Father and brother Brian helped me pick out this Black & Decker sander. It was on sale during Black Friday. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it because I knew it was my ticket to new projects and new hobbies. Last weekend when I heard about the free paint coupon I knew I had to break this out and finally use it. I mean it is Spring Break and I am staying home this year so why not. Big thank you to Ace Hardware for the coupon and springing me into action (pun intended).

Here is the chair after the first coat of paint. I used Ace Hardware's Royal paint in Arboretum. I left a few places roughly painted to give is a worn in feel.



I am so excited on how it turned out. Right now it's being used in our Living Room and the pop of color is just what it needed. It's inspiring me to look into redesigning my whole Living Room, but that will be another post.


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