Monday, February 25, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Not much is happening around the house right now except a lot of relaxing. Miss Emily is sleeping so here is a little update on what is happening.

I have been on a long extended snow day since last Wednesday. A severe snow storm swept across the midwest and we were caught in the middle of it. I am hoping to get back to work soon because cabin fever is settling in big time.

My mother just sent me a few pictures from an antique store she is at today.

I am super jealous because I am still watching the blizzard roar through my town. Not going any where soon. She did find some really neat things for Miss Emily. Her 2nd Birthday is coming up and I cannot wait for her to play with these fun finds.

First, we are building a playhouse for Emily out of cardboard. The add to the fun my mom picked up a fisher-price stove. Do you remember this? I had one growing up. Now Emily will too.

Second, Emily is completely fascinated with school buses. We look for them on our way to school every morning. She gets so excited when we see one. She yells, "I see a bus! I see a bus!". This was her first full sentence. So cute. Well, the play bus is going to be a hit. I can see her pushing it all over the house.

That's it for now. I am going to take advance of the peace and quiet and relax with some hot tea.

<3 Farmgirls 

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