Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cloud Nursery Decor

My design inspiration comes from Pottery Barn Kids and their Haley collection.

Before our Emily was born I received a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue in the mail. A little secret, we named Emily after a monogrammed pillow I saw in the catalogue. That's another story though...I decided this design would be what Emily's nursery would be inspired by, bringing the outdoors in. I loved the pink and green color with blue and yellow accents. So many possibilities with this color combination. Since her birth I've added alot of details including a tree decal to the wall, but I felt it needed a little more.
Here are the steps for completing this project.

This project is very easy and I even got Emily's help with the paint.

Here is a list of the Materials you will need:
  • light blue paper
  • white washable paint or finger paint
  • plate or cardboard
  • tape
  • scissor
  • cloud template 

The First thing I did was tape the paper to the ground. I chose to work on the ground so Emily all full access to the paper and to express herself and she chose. To tape the paper down I used blue painters tape. It's super easy to remove and I knew I wouldn't leave a residue on the floor. (If I only knew what was going to happen I wouldn't have worried about the residue). The other reason this tape is nice is because it peels off the paper without tearing it.

The next step was the fun step, painting and boy did it get messy. Oops! But isn't that part of the fun? We used our hands and our feet. I only used my hands. I wasn't as brave as Emily. Our hand prints helped make the fun texture clouds have. What you don't see in this picture is the piece of cardboard I used as a tray for the paint. When we were done I just threw the cardboard away.

Emily enjoyed painting with her feet the most. All those marks on the floor are her feet. So cute. After we finished painting I pulled the paper off the floor and moved it to a safe and dry location. The paper was fairly wet from the paint so I didn't want anything or anyone touching it.

After the paper had dried overnight I flipped the paper over to cut out the cloud shapes. Instead of just drawing shapes I decided to cut out several cloud shaped templates out of file folders. The file folders were sturdy and easily traced around. Plus it gave me a good idea of how many clouds I could cut out of the piece of paper I had.

The light blue paper is butcher paper. It comes in really big rolls and you tear of what you think you need. I am not sure where you can buy it, but my school district has a teacher work area called The Learning Center where we can purchase paper by the foot. The Learning Center is open to the public during the day and some weekends. They have everything from die cuts to laminators. It's a dream for scrapbookers and crafters like me.

As you can see above I cut four different cloud shapes. Two large and two small.

To attach to them to the wall I used tape. For right now that will have to do until I can find a fancier method.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and DIY. Please let me know in the comments below if you found this interesting or if you tried it.

<3 Farmgirls

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