Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break Project #2 - Emily's Dresser

Its Done! Well almost. Due to weather I had to stop my project, but the plan is to add another coat of white and do some light sanding.

This project took a total of two days to complete to this state.

First Day:
I thought all I would need to do was sand it, but because of the thick black layer and primer I ended up needing to strip the paint. I learned a very valuable lesson on wearing gloves when stripping. Luckily no major burns. It took three coats of stripper to get the stubborn black color off and some arm grease. To make sure there were no high spots I sanded it one more time.

Second Day:
I woke up early and primed. Then through out the day I added two coats of white paint from Ace Hardware. Its a flat base and it's turning out beautifully. I would highly recommend this paint to anyone, especially newbie painters and restorers like me.

Overall, I am very excited about how it turned out and I hope Emily loves it as much as her mommy does. Her reaction when seeing it for the first time, "WOW!". I am a happy mom.

<3 Farmgirls

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