Monday, March 17, 2014

I did not see this coming

On Sunday, March 9th, 2014 I woke up with a dull pain in my abdomen. Well, really all over and it lasted all day. I tried going to church, but ended up laying down in the room for mommies. It was quiet and peaceful. Halfway through I ended up going home and I spent the entire rest of the day in bed. I had hoped if I slept it would go away. Well, Monday came and it was still there so I cancelled going into work and went to see the dr who sent me to the hospital to have my appendix scanned. After the scan I went home to wait for results. Well at approximately 3pm I experienced the worst pain I have ever exeperienced, even worse than child birth. I called my neighbor who drove me to the hospital where I remained for 5 days.

My miracle surgeon explained that my appendix was attached to several other parts of my body and it was slowly leaking into my body which explained the sharp intense pain. He removed it and as much of the leaking fluid that very day. God was watching out for me because it was also attached to my uterus so he had to call in another surgeon to assist him. God is good because she was available that day. Because of the leaking I had to be on antibiotics until I was free of infection. That meant living on a liquid diet. Not my favorite, but I really wasn't hungry. Probably because the anesthesia and antibiotics made me nauseous most of the time. 

I lived off Popsicles, jello, and broth. Yummy, right? 

My spirit was the highest when my family and friends were around. My husband was a true angel and strength for me through the whole process. I couldn't have done it without him. I have an even deeper love for my God and husband now than ever before. I do not know why this happened to me, but if this was the reason I went through it than I am thankful. 

My first full liquid was cream of wheat. The first bit of this was like something from heaven. It satisfied my hunger and taste for food like nothing else could. I asked for it for every meal after that. Makes me think, do I crave God's love and guidance like that everyday? I do now. 

There are several wonderful people I want to thank for the smile you see on this face:

(For security purposes their names will remain nameless)

:: My loving and supportive husband
:: my church family
::my neighbor 
:my pastor and elder
:my friends who sent flowers or anything to help the environment smell wonderful
:my new angel friend who held my hand and talked me through everything I was going to experience
:friends and family who prayed
:my sister-in-Christ and her family who watched Miss Emily 
:the families who brought us yummy food at home when I was too sore to move
:and a huge thank you to my mother-in-law who stayed with me through several nights after I came home from the hospital. She taught me how to love in a whole new way. 

If I have left anyone out I deeply apologize. I know that all the love and support I have received has greatly affected me and I will never forget the kindness I received. 

God is love, and I felt his love this week. 

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