Saturday, March 8, 2014

My New Craft Room - Phase One

I've had this space, but never defined it. The Lord gave us some sunshine and I think it sparked my creativity bug which motivated me to get to work setting up this space up. 

My room is located in the lower part of our house which means it's always cold and a little dark. So that will be my challenge with the square space. 

The materials and furniture I used was a desk given to me by a friend and the desk I cheaply put together using a sheet of old wood, plastic storage container, and storage boxes. I pretty much used what I had and surprisingly it worked. Thankfully, I mean. 

.:: BEFORE ::.

.:: AFTER ::.

I couldn't help but show a few pictures of my "little helper". She was great during the setup and a lot too silly. That's Miss Emily for you. 

Her homemade jump rope/belt and the contents of my closet in the background. Does anyone else keep bags and boxes from previous gifts? I do! :-) 

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