Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Bag Dispenser

I recently found a new way to store plastic bags on my daughter's changing table. I got my inspiration from the YouTube video below. Its a super cute video so please take a minute to watch it if you want further instructions.
Basically there are just three steps to this project.
1. Remove label and use it as a template with the scrapbook paper you've chosen to match your decor.
2. Use Mod Podge ( I used glossy) to make the paper more durable. Wipe it with a brush across print side. Let dry.
3. Brush Mod Podge across back of paper and adhere to the container.
The results: a beautiful coordinating storage container that costs only cents to make. This inspiration was a blessing to the pile of bags accumulating on the table. If you found this tutorial useful or inspiring please leave me a comment.
God Bless!
<3 Sarah
Watch "DIY Cute Bag Dispenser!" on YouTube

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