Friday, January 3, 2014

Last day of Winter Break

Where did the time go?  I cannot believe today is my last day off from work. I am always saddened by this realization because I always enjoy my time at home with my family, not to mention not having to sent an alarm. 

So what did I choose to do today? Go shopping of course. On Fridays Miss Emily goes to great-grandmas so I had the whole morning to myself. (Trying not to express my excitement, although I do love my Miss Emily time). I got several business related stops completed and then I got to play at Hobby Lobby, my land of inspiration. Before I could play in the store I was on a mission, to find self-adhesive GEMSTONES by The Paper Studio. In love their products so I always go back for more. After finally finding them I was surprised to find out they were 50% off. Yay! The GEMSTONES are to embellish journals I am making for my Devotional Group (D-Group) girls. Inside I wrote the girls a special message with a verse to remind them of God's everlasting and complete love for them. I can't wait to give it to them. 

Next was scrapbooking. I love Instagram, Pinterest, but I think I love scrapbooking just as much and I couldn't scrapbook without the first two. I have struggled and faught my way through the process until I met Project Life. It's a system and method for scrapbooking which I won't go into very much detail here, but it's super easy and fun. I am thinking about purchasing the Blush edition for 2014. 

             {project life journaling cards}

While looking at the display I found other products that are also appealing to me. 

So, I have some quick decisions to make so I can get started with my 2014 album. What might make this decision even easier is the gem I found just sitting next to the Project Life core kits. I almost fell over, well, I dropped my keys and wallet. 

I do not know where I am going to find the money to buy these, but I am going to save every last penny because I NEED to have these punches. One is a curved edge and the other is straight. I cannot begin to tell you have neat and completely fantastic these are. If you get into Project Life you'll get it. :-)

After picking me and my stuff up I walked around store hoping to find some inspiration. I stumbled across these finds. 

       {For Miss Emily's Room}

              {For the Master Bedroom - Beach Theme}

I don't know about the red bulletin board, but I really liked the scalloped edges and the chevron pattern. Maybe I can fit it in some place else. 

Well, it's 4:30pm, Miss Emily should be getting up from her nap soon. What should we do with the rest of the afternoon? I think I'll let her decide. 

The Farm Girls

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