Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week Update

The last 7 days were filled with lots of excitement.
1. My husband Nate was a wonderful Valentine. He bought me flowers and took us to a yummy dinner.
2. On Saturday we took Emily to an indoor bouncy house adventure. We spent 5 hours playing on inflatables. I crashed at 6pm and didn't wake till 8am the next morning. Crazy.
3. Miss Emily's Aunt and Grandma came to town to see my husband play basketball.
4. Snow and more snow.
5. One day the temperature got to 75 degrees.
6. Wind blew so hard we lost power on Thursday. It was super hard to get dressed. I pulled my hair back which I don't do very often.
7. Ladies Night with some great Christian friends from church. I am going to really enjoy this group.
8. The week ended with a lazy Friday night, much needed.
9. Huge photo sale at Walgreens which means I am getting all 122 of my photos ordered. I spent the whole evening figuring out how to get them uploaded, but after 2 hours I had them all uploaded and ordered. I cannot wait to get back to my scrapbooking. 

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